22 - 26 September 2013
ICC London ExCeL, UK

UK Photonics research showcase


Wednesday 25 September 2013
ECOC Exhibition Hall


Photonics in general and fibre-optics in particular have revolutionised the communications. The successful development of most industrial sectors is dependent on further evolution of the telecommunication and data transmission infrastructure, capable of satisfying the ever growing demand for bandwidth efficiently and cost-effectively.


The UK has played a leading role in this development and continues to lead in numerous areas of photonics and optical communications with large investment by the UK Research Councils and Technology Strategy Board in different research programmes, spanning optical fibre and amplifier development, maximising optical fibre capacity and energy use within optical networks.


Co-located with the internationally leading European Conference on Optical Communications 2013, held in London for the first time since the very first ECOC in 1975, the Photonics Showcase aims to celebrate the recently funded programmes, highlight the impact and discuss future directions of UK photonics research. This event is organised by the ECOC Chairs with the support of the EPSRC network UNISON and is sponsored by the EPSRC HyperHighway and UNLOC Programmes.


The programme of talks represents some of the key UK-funded research programmes. It aims to highlight the key research directions in photonics and communications and explain their importance and potential impact on Goverment policy and infrastructure planning.


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    Workshop Chair: Ian Henning, University of Essex, EPSRC Network UNISON



    Welcome, National Photonics Research Strategy current and future
    Liam Blackwell, EPSRC


    Photonics for Future Systems

    Susan Peacock, EPSRC

    Workshop Plenary
    Ian White, University of Cambridge


    EPSRC Programme Grants 
    David Payne, University of Southampton:  HyperHighway 
    Polina Bayvel, UCL: UNLOC 
    Jaafar Elmirghani, University of Leeds: INTERNET


    Flagship non ICT photonics research 
    Ralph Spencer, University of Manchester: Square Kilometer Array (SKA)

    Patrick Gill, NPL: Metrology

    National Dark Fibre Infrastructure
    Alwyn Seeds, UCL


    Photonics 21 and Horizon 2020-UK positioning 
    Mike Wale, Oclaro


    John Lincoln, Photonics leadership group- group mission, UK academic research and industry, impact

    13:00 Lunch, networking, posters from relevant UK research projects


    ECOC 2012 Participation